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(Structural Insulated Panel)
(Magnesium Oxide)
SIP (Structural Insulated Panel)

A SIP is a Structural Insulated Panel. They consist of a rigid foam core sandwiched between 2 structural sheathings. The most common sheathing used around the world are OSB and Magnesium Oxide (MgO). 

Quick and Clean Installs

A crew of 3 people could complete an installation in as little as 1 day.

SIPs are prefabricated and offer less on-site waste.

install pic.png
Basic Install

A base plate is installed along the perimeter of the structure. The SIPs are placed over top the base plate and fastened into place. A top plate is then run along the top and fastened to the SIPs.

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) vs OSB
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Magnesium Oxide is our clear choice of sheathing over OSB for many reasons.

- No Off-gassing

- Extremely low VOC emmissions

- No Formaldehyde

- Fire Resistant

- Mold Resistant

- Interior sheathing can be painted directly

- Envelope requires less material to finish

House Barrel Roof.jpeg
Wall and Roof Panels

SIPs are highly used for exterior walls, and can be used for the entire structure including the interior walls, the floors and the roof.

Replace these 6 building steps
with ONE product 

The MgO SIP is structural, it includes an exterior and an interior skin that replaces the need for OSB and drywall and acts as the vapour barrier. Magnesium Oxide panels are water resistant, therefore, no need for building wrap.  The SIPs include insulation with the rigid foam core. 

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framing 3_edited.jpg

Framing Exterior Walls





building wrap_edited.jpg


vapour barrier 2_edited.jpg





MgO SIPs have a rigid EPS foam core sandwiched between the Magnesium Oxide boards.

They are available in 4 thicknesses.  They include insulation up to R-Value 43. Here is a list of the common uses for each thickness of SIP.

Insulated interior walls and floors are structurally strong and sound proof.

There is minimum thermal bridging. 

MgO SIPs are ideal for LEED or Net-Zero construction. 

Structural Strength

Designed to maintain an axial load of 1500 lbs/lin feet.

Fire Rated

Standard product will not burn for 1 hour.

Option to upgrade to 2 hour rating available


This structure was built with the left side constructed of MgO SIPs.  The right side was constructed with conventional 2x4 construction.

fire after 2.jpg
Mould and Mildew Resistant

MgO SIPs have no nutrients which prevents mold, mildew and insect infestations. 

fire test.jpg

The performance of MgO SIPs in a fire greatly exceed conventional construction and OSB SIPs. 

  • ASTM E119 Fire Test Standard – exceeds Code

  • ASTM E-84 Non Combustible Zero Flame and Smoke Contribution
    Intertek Testing Services

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